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As an intern at a sneaker company, I learned firsthand about the exclusivity and sexism that is rampant in sneaker culture today. So I present a guerilla campaign that is just loud and outrageous enough to make waves in an industry full of insane collaborations and hype. 

SNKRS x U by Kotex: Break the Cycle

visit the aisle

Do you need tampons?
What about your sister? Your friend? Someone does. 
Buy a box of U by Kotex. Enter the code in the SNKRS app.
Move up in the drop. 

tampon box code.jpg

During Your Cycle

Link your SNKRS app with your period tracker and we’ll give you a discount during your cycle. 

Drip Too Hard

A sneaker that celebrates women, periods, and culture. 
Monumental if you ask us. 



Some people value the shoe box just as much as the sneakers.
After looking at this one, can you blame them?

Dust Bag

Most people are going to wonder about this dust bag and what’s inside. 
Feel free to educate them.

Copywriter: Mary Clark
Art Director: Hallie Smith


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