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Most people call me Hallie or Hal, but the fans call me Halpal. My whole life everyone I've known has made fun of my handwriting. So to all the haters out there... it's not my fault my mind moves faster than my pen ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I'm a firm believer that a good creative should have far too many ideas flooding their brain to be bothered with something as simple as handwriting. I've spent my whole life chasing new creative passions. Whether it's filming Minecraft videos for my YouTube fans, creating a small beaded jewelry business, or DJing the latest party, one thing is certain: I will find a way to express myself. I'm a passionate person who doesn't do life passively. I aspire to inject that passion into the advertising industry as an art director.

* P.S. One day my handwriting will be worth something



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my random claims to fame

In 2019 I streamed over 90,000 minutes of music on Spotify. That's 1,500 hours or 63 days! I have over 230 playlists and my AirPods are my best friends.

In eighth grade, I wore a different outfit every single day to school. My closet was pretty average-sized, so I accomplished this by mixing and remixing pieces I owned. Not one outfit was ever repeated.

In winter of 2022, I threw 5 parties in one semester. With 100+ in attendance, you could say it was "dancing" room only.

I'm Hallie!

I go by Hallie, Hal, or Halpal. I can't imagine life without my curly hair or all 232 of my spotify playlists. In the 7th grade I took it upon myself to wear a different outfit every single day and I peaked when in high school my senior superlative was voted "best dancer." My whole life I've been made fun of for having the handwriting of a 3rd grade boy but you never know, one day it might just be worth something :)


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